Generate WordPress Users from Mailchimp Audience Members

Since there is Simple Mailchimp Sync plugin on my site that allows to automatically subscribe WordPress users to Mailchimp audiences, from time to time I receive a question – is it possible to do the opposite? To connect Mailchimp list to a WordPress website somehow and create users from the emails?

Something like this:

create WordPress users from Mailchimp list members

The answer is yes for sure and in this tutorial let’s figure it out how to do that.

Sync WordPress User Profile Updates to Mailchimp and Vice Versa

In this tutorial we are going to work with both Mailchimp API and its webhooks. You can also find basic guides on how to work with the API and also a basic guide about webhooks on my website.

In the first part of the tutorial we are going to update user first and last name in WordPress profile and sync the changes with Mailchimp audience fields. Then we are going to update the merge tags directly in Mailchimp and configure the syncing with WP profiles.

Delete WordPress Users Once They Unsubscribe in Mailchimp

I already have a tutorial on how to subscribe a user to an audience after registration on WordPress website. It is know to find out how to do the opposite (from Mailchimp to WordPress).

MailChimp Webhooks API – both PHP and WordPress integrations

Batches in MailChimp API

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