1. Activate the Plugin for Multisite Network

First things first, once you added the plugin to your website, you have to “Network activate” it. In order to do so, please go to My Sites > Network Admin > Plugins and click “Network activate” link.

how to network activate multisite crossposting plugin

2. Configure what Blogs you Would Like to Allow for Cross-Posting (Optional)

If you skip this step, the plugin is going to use the 5 sub-sites from your Network ordered by their ID.

Otherwise if you have hundreds of sub-sites in your Network, it is better to choose which ones you would like to allow for crossposting. In order to do so, please go to Network Admin > Sites, the select a website you would like to configure, click “Edit” link first, then select “Crosspost” tab.

crossposting settings in multisite

3. Select the Sub-sites When Creating a Post

In case you’re using Gutenberg editor:

post to multiple subsite in WordPress multisite network

In case you’re using Classic Editor:

classic editor and meta boxes support by crosspost plugin

4. Sync the Content Between Posts

Once you published a post on multiple website in your Network, you can deactivate the checkboxes, if you don’t, you posts will continue to sync!

This is how it would work: