In this tutorial we will talk about what you need to remember when you want to crosspost pages created with Elementor between sub-sites within a WordPress Multisite network.

First of all, feel free to create and update posts with Elementor, but once finished, you need to switch back to a standard WordPress editor:

how to exist Elementor to standard editor

Then select the sites you would like to crosspost it to:

select specific WordPress sites to crosspost
If you’re using Block Editor, this panel may look a bit differently.

And hit the “Update” button:

how to update a WordPress post created with Elementor

There is no way to sync changes directly from Elementor interface – in that case Elementor will provide us with tons of bugs (but maybe in the future). So better safe than sorry.

Below I describe all the possible issue you can run into. You can read it or just watch the video.

1. Layout settings should be the same across your sub-sites

In the Elementor version 3.6 widgets “Inner Section” and “Column” had disappeared and now we just have “Containers”.

This is how the old-fashioned “Inner Sections-way” of building layouts looks:

Elementor structure version 1
Inner Sections (and Columns)

And this is how the “Flexbox Containers-way” looks like:

Elementor structure version 2

So if you’re going to create an Elementor page (or template) with Inner Sections and crosspost it to a website which uses Containers, obviously it won’t be crossposted correctly and most likely the whole page content is going to be empty.

Good news – this feature can activated or deactivated in the settings, so please go to Elementor > Settings > Features and make sure that you have the same value of the option Flexbox Container on all the sub-sites you’re crossposting between.

Flexbox container feature settings in Elementor
Make sure that you have the same value of Flexbox Container feature (either Active or Inactive on all sites).

2. Install and network activate the add-on (Optional)

Download Simple Multisite Crossposting – Elementor 1.5

Though this step is optional it allows you to use tons of useful features:

3. How to use Elementor templates (Optional)

If you’re using custom Elementor templates in your pages, before crossposting a page which contains a template, make sure that this specific template is already crossposted to the same sub-site.

If you’re not sure about it, just go to Templates > Saved Templates, open the template you need, select websites in “Publish on” metabox and hit the “Update” button.

If something remains unclear for you, please check out the video below:

Need more help?