ACF (Advanced Custom Fields)

In order to make my crossposting plugins fully compatible with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) you just need to install and activate the add-on below. No extra configuration required.

In case you’re using a multisite version of the plugin:

Download Simple Multisite Crossposting – ACF 1.3

For a regular version of the plugin:

Download Simple WP Crossposting – ACF 2.4

Please use the correct version of the add-on depending on which plugin you have! 🤬

If you’re using a non-multisite (regular) version don’t forget to allow ACF fields for REST API in Field Groups > Edit > Group Settings. Otherwise the fields aren’t going to be copied.

Allow ACF fields for REST API
Enable “Show in REST API” for every ACF field group you need to crosspost (on every site).

Crossposting Relational-type fields

When you’re about to crosspost field types from the “Relational” group, you should know how it works exactly.

ACF relational field types

Please keep in mind the following:

ACF plugin issues

The REST API endpoints of Advanced Custom Fields have a small issue for the following field types: “Number”, “Email”, “Image”, “File”, “Gallery” and “User”. If you provide an empty value null to any of the mentioned types fields, it will be ignored.

In our case it only affects the non-multisite (regular) version of my crossposting plugin.

What to do?

First of all, there are workarounds:

Second, you can leave a reply on the ACF support forum, in this thread, to get their attention.

Third, contact ACF for help, once you get a reply from them, then and only then, you can get back to me.

Need more help?