LiteSpeed Cache

When you crosspost a post to another subsite where a LiteSpeed Cache plugin is active you may want to automatically purge the caches after a post is published or updated on this subsite.

It can be configured pretty easily, all you need to do is to go to the caching plugin settings LiteSpeed Cache > Cache and then to the Purge tab. Make sure that you provided rudr_crosspost_update and rudr_crosspost_publish in Purge All Hooks field at the very bottom of the page.

LiteSpeed Cache plugin settings

That’s it, I recommend to do this configuration on every subsite you’re about to publish to or from.

Please note that only with this hooks configured the cache is not always cleared immediately (you might read LiteSpeed Cache docs or ask their support team for info). But usually when I tried it in a new browser incognito window – it always worked.

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