“Site is not added” – How to Fix?

First of all, please check the video below in order to make sure that you’re doing everything correctly when adding a new website in plugin settings.

Sometimes when you’re trying to add a new site in Settings > Crosspost > Sites (or in WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Inventory for Simple Inventory Sync) you could get an error like this:

site is not added

When it happens I recommend you to double check the following:

  1. Obviously I recommend to double check Site URL, Login (which is your WordPress username on Site 2) and Application Password – that all the fields are filled and filled correctly. And by the way, the user you’re creating an Application Password for should be an administrator.
  2. Next, please check if your site (Site 2 especially) is using secure SSL connection, in other words its URL should start with https://. It is required by WordPress when we use its REST API. Luckily there are free SSL certificates out there provided by Let’s Encrypt and available on every good hosting. It is not necessary if you work on localhost, but for local websites please make sure that your Site URL contains “local” or “localhost”. Also in order to create an application password, you will need to add the WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE constant to your wp-config.php file and set its value to local.
  3. Next, please open this page https://YOUR SITE/wp-json – if you get an error, there are could be two reasons – either REST API is turned off by one of your plugins or most likely you just have to go to Settings > Permalinks, choose any option available there except the first one (“Plain”) and click Save changes.
  4. If nothing from the above helped, I recommend to rename your .htaccess file in site root folder to 1.htaccess and then please go Settings > Permalinks and click Save Changes.
  5. The last but not least, it may be a plugin on a target website which interrupts the REST API authorization, for example “WordPress API Posts and Pages Sync with Multiple WordPress Sites” from CodeCanyon. Please, try to deactivate plugins one by one on a target site and see if it helps.

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