In case you didn’t know that, admin-ajax.php is the main file which processes all asynchronous requests (AJAX) in WordPress. So, it means that under this tag you can find all the tutorials related to WordPress AJAX.

Remove Posts in WordPress Dashboard with AJAX

If you ever tried to remove WordPress comments in admin dashboard, you know that comments are moved to trash asynchronously. In this tutorial I will show how to do the same for custom post types.

Load More Posts with AJAX for WordPress Multisite

Here I would like to show you how to pull the posts from all the sites of your Multisite Network and create an AJAX load more button.

Order Received (Thank you) page in WooCommerce

In this tutorial I gonna guide you through all the ways of customizing the WooCommerce Thank You page content.

Columns in WooCommerce

This tutorial is all about columns on WooCommerce-related admin pages: Products, Orders, Users, Product categories and tags and even Memberships.

How to Change Comment Parent ID in /wp-admin/ ?

It is just a normal situation when website visitors do not care where to leave comments and they do not want to reply to their own comment threads. But what if you’re a perfectionist and you really want to move those comments to the place where they should be. But what to do if WordPress doesn’t have any build-in functionality for it?

Comments Load More. With Button or Infinity Scroll. No plugins used.

Before publishing any post I’m always searching how many ready solutions are exist. And I was very surprised when I didn’t find any tutorials about creating load more button for comments.

Load More Posts Button + Numeric Pagination

I was asked about this post so many times, so I’m glad to publish it now.

Bulk Edit in 2 Steps

In this small step by step tutorial we will add our custom input text field and the checkbox to WordPress bulk edit menu.

How to Combine AJAX load more button with AJAX filters

Some time ago I published a post about creating AJAX filters in WordPress and a little later – a post about load more button, and these posts have many comments where people ask me to combine both functionality into a single post.

How to use Select2 for your Meta Boxes. Creating AJAX-based Posts Dropdown with Search.

A couple days ago I added to my plugin some types of inputs that allow to multiple select posts and categories. But what if you have thousands of posts? The dropdown AJAX search is also supported. And now I want to share with you how to do it.

Comment Submission Without Page Refresh. No Plugins Used.

I use AJAX comments on my websites since 2012 and that’s what I’m sure the AJAX comment submission makes users happy.

Load More Posts with AJAX. Step by Step Tutorial. No plugins.

Creating Load More button for WordPress is really simple. As an option I will show you how to load more posts on scroll.

3 Steps to Create AJAX Post Filters

In this tutorial I will show you how to create an AJAX content filter for posts or pages, or custom post types with the ability to sort by categories (taxonomies) or by custom field values and order posts by date – ascending or descending.

Mailchimp API 3.0 – PHP and AJAX subscription / unsubscription

Ready to use function which allows you to subscribe an email address to any of your mailchimp lists (with confirmation email or not) or unsubscribe it as well.