Multisite Network with Polylang Plugin

In this small tutorial I will show how Polylang plugin works in WordPress multisite network and give you some tips how to use it together with my multisite plugin.

What happens when you add a new language?

Let’s say that we’ve added russian language in Polylang menu. What happens behind the scenes? How this language is stored in database?

Polylang usage within a Multisite Network - add new language

Each language is a taxonomy. Taxonomy with show_ui=false. When you add languages on different websites of your multisite network, taxonomies will be created separately for each website in wp_{blog id}_terms tables.

Each translation is a post that is in a specific language taxonomy.

How to make Polylang and Network_Query to work together?

Now we already know that translations are posts, languages are taxonomies. Once you rebuild the index, all posts and their translations will go to wp_network_posts, languages will go to wp_network_terms. If these tables are empty and rebuilding the index doesn’t help, just reinstall the plugin.

By default Network_Query will return all posts from all languages. To get the current language posts you have to pass language term slug in tax_query parameter.

$current_lang_slug = pll_current_language(); // current language slug
$multisite_query = new Network_Query( array(
	'tax_query' => array(
			'taxonomy' => 'language',
			'field' => 'slug', // should be "slug"
			'terms' => $current_lang,
	'post_type' => 'post',
	'post_status' => 'publish'

What about terms? Is there a chance to get terms by a specific language?

Yes, it is. In 4.8.1 version I added network_get_translated_terms() that is very similar to network_get_terms(), except one parameter:

network_get_translated_terms( $taxonomies, $args = '', $languages )
(array|string) Pass your language slug or an array of slugs here, example: array( 'en', 'fr').

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