How to Get a Post from Another Site in Multisite Network

Let’s assume, that you’re currently working on Site A and you need to get and display a post (or page or a custom post type – doesn’t matter) from Site B of your Multisite network.

How to do that?

Copy Media Files Between Sites Within a Multisite Network

Recently I’ve been working with this functionality in one of my plugins and now I decided to share it with you.

But I always want my tutorials to be more practical, so check what we are going to create:

move images to another website within a WordPress multisite network

The whole tutorial consists of two parts – in the first one I will show you a ready to use function that allows to move media from one site of a multisite network to another, in the second – we will create a custom bulk action for media files.

Publish Posts to Multiple Blogs in WordPress Multisite

There are actually two ways of organising shared content between sites in Multisite Network:

  1. Post to multiple sites at once and then synchronising any changes, I will show show in this tutorial how to do it with code or with a plugin.
  2. Indexing content and then having access to it anytime from any site, my another plugin will help you with that.

Load More Posts with AJAX for WordPress Multisite

delete_blog and deleted_blog hooks are deprecated since WordPress 5.1.0

Options Pages in Multisite

Add Custom Tabs with Options on “Edit Site” Multisite Settings page