Attachments – any files uploaded to your WordPress website. We call them attachments because when you upload a file directly from post edit pages, the file will be attached to the appropriated post.

Custom Gallery Metabox

Sometimes you need a slider, sometimes a gallery on your single posts pages, but how to attach images? WordPress default way doesn’t convenient – what if you would like to attach the same image to different posts?

Featured Images in Quick Edit

There are not so much tutorials about tweaking the Quick Edit in WordPress. But is is a very useful function that can save you enough time. So, now we will add a quick featured image option based on WordPress default uploader.

How to Add Images to Media Library after Uploading them in PHP Programmatically

Well, this code works not only for images but for any file type allowed by WordPress.

How to to Add a Custom Media Uploader Button in WordPress Admin

In this post I will show you how to create beautiful, simple and customizable media uploader for your WordPress website.

Custom HTML template for images you insert in posts

This post can help you if you use lightbox plugin and want to add additional class to images automatically or if you just want to remove default attributes.

How to Create a Slider for Images In Posts

Slider in the post on my test website.

In this tutorial we will use WordPress media uploader and Owl Carousel to create a beautiful responsive slider (with swipe support) from images uploaded to a post.