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Network Options Pages

This tutorial is how to add settings pages to Network Admin with WordPress Multisite installed. I have a couple amazing tutorial on my blog where you can learn how to create options pages with Settings API or how to add site-specific settings in Network Admin > All Sites.

That’s how the settings page we are going to create here looks like:

network options page

Site-Specific Settings in Multisite Sites > Info Page

When working with WordPress Multisite you have plenty of ways how you can add settings. You can add some custom options network-wide or you can still use classic options pages for each site of the network. For classic options pages I can recommend a superb plugin (it is me, who developed it).

But what if for your actual goal the best way to add settings is to Sites > Info pages of each site? Just like on the screenshot below:

In this tutorial I will show you how you can do that:

Site-specific settings in WordPress Multisite

Copy Pages between Sites in Multisite Network

In this tutorial I will show you an easy way to duplicate WordPress pages to any of your sites within a multisite network.

There are different ways to implement that but we going to use WordPress bulk actions.

Copy Pages between Sites within WordPress Multisite network
As an example I decided to use Pages and we do not only copy them, but move between sites. If you need to create duplicates, you will have to change just one line of code.

Dashboard Widgets for Multisite

Everything about plugin_action_links and plugin_row_meta

Polylang in WordPress Multisite

This tutorial is intended to show you how exactly Polylang plugin works, what database tables it uses and how to get posts filtered by a language if you’re using it within a WordPress Multisite network.

Worth mentioning that at the moment of updating this tutorial Polylang is still my favorite multilingual solution for WordPress.

How I created Visual Composer Element to Display Multisite Posts