How to Extend the List of Allowed Domains for wp_safe_redirect()

By default function wp_safe_redirect() allows to redirect only to the same domain which is presented as a home_url(). But in some cases you may want to extend it with let’s say subdomains and in this tutorial I will provide a ready snippet for that.

It is one of my shortest tutorials ever. But I decided to publish it anyway because I didn’t find any information about it anywhere.

WordPress home_url() in general settings
WordPress home URL in Settings > General. By default wp_safe_redirect() allows to redirect only to this domain excluding subdomains.
add_filter( 'allowed_redirect_hosts', 'misha_extend_allowed_domains_list' );
function misha_extend_allowed_domains_list( $hosts ){
	$hosts[] = '';
	$hosts[] = '';
	return $hosts;

That’s all 😁

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