Gutenberg is the brand new visual editor and now it is a part of WordPress core since 5.0 version. So, get ready for the new Gutenberg and React tutorials here!

Restrict <PanelBody> in Plugin Sidebars by Post Type

Restrict Gutenberg Sidebar Panels by Post type

How to Turn off / Disable Unneeded WooCommerce Gutenberg blocks

Once you activated WooCommerce on your website, you may notice that near 20 new blocks have appeared in editor. But do you really need all of them?

How to Fix “Updating Failed” in Gutenberg

I already have a couple tips on my blog about “fixing Gutenberg”, for example I already mentioned that you have to double check that REST API is not disabled and in this guide I show what to do if Inserter Dialog is not available. But recently I faced with another issue.

Create Dynamic “SelectControl” with Posts in Gutenberg

In this tutorial – how to get posts in Gutenberg using REST API and create a select dropdown from these posts.

How to Create Gutenberg Sidebars using only PHP

In my previous tutorial we talked about creating Gutenberg plugin sidebars and now I decided to make it a part of my plugin, so you can create sidebars easily with a couple lines of PHP code

Gutenberg Sidebars Tutorial

Creating Gutenberg Sidebars for custom post settings

Using Gutenberg Color Palette for a Custom Block

The detailed tutorial about using PanelColorSettings and withColors for custom Gutenberg blocks.

How to Create Inspector Controls for a Custom Gutenberg Block

In other words, I will show you how to add some settings for your custom block to Gutenberg sidebar.

Creating Editable Gutenberg block if You Don’t Know JavaScript Deeply

In my previous Gutenberg tutorial we created a nice subscription form block. Now let’s make it editable.

How to Create a Gutenberg Block if You Know Nothing

Guys, I can not even explain how I was struggling with Gutenberg blocks ? Really. One more reason to this is that I am a back end developer, not a front end one! Really, in my life I do not need all that stuff like npm, webpack, react etc.

Custom SVG Icons in Gutenberg for Blocks, Toolbar and Sidebar Settings Tab

Either you create your own Gutenberg block or some buttons for block toolbar or maybe you decided to add some settings fields to the post – in any case you have to add icons. And in this tutorial I will show how.

How to Properly add CSS to Gutenberg Editor and the Blocks

The goal of Gutenberg editor is to display the website content while you’re editing it the same way it is displayed on the website. But if you’re using your custom theme, it isn’t going to happen just by itself.

Why Inserter Dialog is not Available in Gutenberg and You Can’t Add Blocks

Today I begin the work of moving my current website to Gutenberg. Well, I haven’t faced so many issues daily for a long time. Some issues are stupid and my fault but anyway I’m going to share the process here.

Removing Default Gutenberg Blocks

In this tutorial I will show you a super-simple way to remove any of the default Gutenberg blocks from the inserter.