2021 Year in Review

I know that it is already February but I decided that it would be a really good idea to do these annual recaps here, on my blog.

Maybe some of you guys are not much interested in such type of content, but the thing is that I don’t know where else I can write about this. I don’t believe in social media and apple notes app doesn’t seem serious enough.

Improving in English

More about listening and pronunciation actually.

The year began with “Dragon Prince” on Netflix. I didn’t expect that I like it so much. Its translation to russian was so poor so I started to watch it in english. I watched all the 3 seasons of it, well, 5 times? 7 times? On the second time I turned off the subtitles. On the seventh time I started to repeat almost every phrase until I like how it sounds from my mouth, that’s how I learn english :D

Website Redesign (twice)

I’ve just realized that I did it actually. One of the benefits of writing year recaps, I suppose :)

Sometimes I can not deal with my perfectionism. And doing some UX/UI is where the perfectionism gets the most of its power. I can spend days deciding on font-size and line-height of the content. So, first I had spent the whole February on the redesign. I made it nice and slick with some cool features like transparent header.

Then, when I started publishing posts, I realized that I didn’t like the new website design. At all. Next time I made a redesign was in October. I decided to go with minimum of everything – default fonts, no trendy effects. And here we are.

Promising Relationships and then Breaking Up

We had so many common interests and first thoughts were like “wow”, “does it really it?” but… To be honest I still don’t know exactly why I ended it (yes, it was my initiative). It just wasn’t felt right, but definitely the first month together was the best in the year.

Misha with his girlfriend

New Plugin

Two years before that I published a post about crossposting within a WordPress Multisite network.

I noticed, that there were a lot of requests of a plugin in the post’s comments so… I had developed it, here is the link! ;)

Apartments and The Law of Attraction

There was also a moment, definitely after the break up, when I thought that I have to make some changes in my life and I decided to change the apartment where I was living for almost 7 years.

The searching took more than 2 months. Why? Now, in retrospective I understand that I rejected all the good options, because I waited for the exact apartment I saved in my visual board a couple years before.

I did all the necessary stuff – morning visualisation (not every day), any action that I thought could help me find that apartment. And only when I forgot about it for a moment and went on a small trip around the country, the land lord called me and:

The funny thing is that once I had lived there for a couple weeks, I understood that I don’t like it. The sunset view from the window is the best, but I didn’t like everything else, lol.

And I moved again. Still not to the apartment of my dreams, but it was kind of ok. Super-small, white walls, sadly no sunset view.

Playing The Last of Us Part II

To recap this, I can say that the Law of Attraction really works, at least it is proven for materialistic things now. What were the chances I can get the exact same apartment? 0.01% maybe? But sometimes it could be like an evil genie, so you may get what you think you want but turns out it is not what you really wanted.

The first lesson here is to always be patient and know what you want. I would never get that apartment if I’d settle for anything else. The second lesson is to never set intentions from a place of lack, anger, jealousy etc.

The Team

Probably it was the only certain thing in 2021.

This year we organized two events in St.Petersburg for the team. As from the very beginning we all work remotely from different cities, it was a big deal for us.

I am so proud of everyone and co-founders are my best friends!

The Team

There was a lot of work done for our agency website – the team page, services pages, project cases, content-marketing. Though everyone from the team tells me we should expand to the world market asap, I like the things to be finished, so the most of my work time in 2021 was spent on the russian market.


I have a driving license for almost 8 years and… didn’t drive all that time. What has been changed then?

Everything began when I just tried to purchase a plant for my new apartment. And was completely swept off my feet by a girl who sold me the flowers. Later I found out that this girl lives a couple hours away from the city. And a good friend of mine, when she found out about that, just started to give me driving lessons.

There are no cool photos where I’m driving Lamborghini or Porsche (yet), so no photos here :)


The last couple months of the year was a pure chaos. First of all I think I spent 70% of the time “making plans how to make a plan”. But planning without doing is nothing. I was also distracted with a lot of relationships opportunities I didn’t want to be in. There was only one time when I did – remember that girl from a plant store? It is strange, because at first she showed interest in me but it ended up like she has a bf for many many years. That situation threw me in a desperation state as well. Plus lockdowns and restrictions came back unfortunately.

By the end of December I found myself on the edge of depression so I…

to be continued

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