Bulk Crossposting

Bulk sync multiple posts between WordPress sites

Your can easily sync multiple items to another site at the same time using a free add-on for bulk crossposting. But please be careful – download the appropriate add-on depending on a plugin you’re using.

For Simple Multisite Crossposting:

Download Simple Multisite Crossposting – Bulk Actions 1.5

For Simple WP Crossposting:

Download Simple WP Crossposting – Bulk Actions 4.0

These add-ons code is optimised for performance as much as possible, for example:

Below is an example how add-on works with WP Cron when you want to bulk crosspost a lot of WooCommerce products at the same time:

Bulk crossposting WooCommerce products
If you select more than 5 products for bulk crossposting, the plugin is going to sync them in the background in order to prevent timeout issues.

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