Custom Fields in Bulk Edit

Not so many tutorials ago I published my tutorial about custom fields in quick edit. The current one is super-similar actually, but allows to add fields to Bulk actions – Edit.

Our goal here is to add a couple fields there (if you’re are looking for information about bulk actions, then it is a wrong tut for you, here is the right one).

That’s what we are going to create here:

How to add custom fields in WordPress bulk edit
We added a text field and a checkbox field.

Custom Fields in Quick Edit

In this tutorial I will show you how to add any custom fields to WordPress quick edit. As an example we are going to add a simple text field and a checkbox.

WordPress quick edit custom fields

Add Order Meta to Emails

We already discussed on my blog how to add custom order meta to view order page or to order details metabox in WooCommerce admin. It is time to add the same custom fields to WooCommerce emails.

We are going to use primary woocommerce_email_order_meta action hook for that. There is also another hook – woocommerce_email_order_meta_fields, we will also take a look on it, but I recommend you the first one.

How to Add Custom Fields to Order Details Page

In this tutorial I am going to talk about customers order details page, that is located in My Account > Orders > View Order. In case you are looking for a solution how to add custom fields to edit order page in WordPress admin, there is a separate tutorial for that.

Add Fields to Edit Order Page

First things first, if you need to display custom fields in View Order page in My Account, you need another tutorial. In this tutorial we are going to do it in WordPress admin only.

Here is what we are going to create:

Add custom editable information to the Order Details

How to Use Image Uploader in WordPress Admin Area

In this tutorial I am going to dive deep in WordPress media uploader functionality. By the way it is possible to implement not for only images but for any supported file types.

This is how it looks in WordPress admin area:

Image uploader field in WordPress option pages
Below in this tutorial I will also describe how to create a settings page like this.

Meta_Query of WP_Query

In this guide I am assuming that you already have some basic knowledge how to work with WP_Query class in WordPress. And this tutorial will be all about working with custom fields.

Either you are working with Gutenberg or with Classic Editor, maybe you’re using some custom fields plugins like ACF, Carbon Fields, Simple Fields (it is my plugin, highly recommend) – in all of these cases the idea of working with Meta_Query will be the same.