Payment Gateways

WooCommerce is an extendable plugin which means that it supports every possible payment method, every bank or payment processor. Just one thing – you need to develop an add-on (payment gateway) for it. Me and my team are specializing in that since 2018.

Below are the tutorials if you want to develop a payment gateway plugin by yourself, but if you need any help – feel free to get in touch.

Stripe Subscriptions Integration with Payment Intents API

For the last couple years we with the team have built tons of different payment integrations for our clients. In this tutorial I would like to share with you my experience of developing Stripe subscriptions integration for WordPress (or pretty much any PHP website).

I am also going to use modern Stripe Payment Intents API in this guide. If you want to learn a little bit more about payment intents and why it is so cool to use them, I recommend to take a look at my another tutorial.

In order to make this tutorial simple I included only the very basics which are necessary to make the subscriptions work. Please don’t forget about validations, processing errors and protection against card testing attacks for example. If you need some help with it, you can always contact us and we will develop everything for you the best possible way.

And now let’s dive into the tutorial!

How to Integrate Custom Payment Gateways with WooCommerce Checkout Block

On my blog you can find a complete tutorial about creating a WooCommerce payment gateway but in the latest versions of WooCommerce (since 8.3 I guess) you may notice that your custom payment method isn’t available in the Checkout block.

For example if you try to deactivate all the payment methods except your custom one on your store, you’ll probably get an error message like this:

Custom payment method is not displaying in the checkout block
Here I am using Storefront theme as an example, but the same error message will appear for any WordPress theme anyway.

But for sure everything is working great when you’re using a legacy [woocommerce_checkout] shortcode.

Yes, it seems like my complete payment gateway tutorial isn’t that complete anymore, but we’re about to change it today by this extra tutorial where I guide you step by step what you should do in order to add the compatibility of your custom WooCommerce payment method for the WooCommerce Cart and Checkout blocks.

That’s what we’re going to achieve by end of this tutorial:

Custom payment gateway integration with WooCommerce checkout blocks

Sure thing, I will also show you some neat extra stuff like adding a custom icon for your payment method.

Create a Payment Gateway Plugin for WooCommerce

I started this tutorial back there when I was visiting Stockholm but I am always trying to keep it up to to date with the latest WooCommerce versions. As well as a lot of custom payments gateways have been developed for the clients by me and my team since then and I am doing my best to reflect the gained experience in this guide.

Below you can find a super-detailed step by step for WooCommerce custom payment gateway development, so you can create your own.

On the other hand, if you face any difficulties in the process or you’re just looking for someone to develop a payment plugin for you, feel free to contact us.

Setup Stripe Payments on your Website with Payment Intents

Almost 7 years ago I created a tutorial about Stripe integration on a website. When I created it, it seemed quite difficult to me, but now it looks easy-breezy.

The thing is that it is obsolete right now. Well, it actually works for some cards, but mainly for those cards that are operating in North America. Today our goal is to implement it with brand new Stripe API which is called Payment Intents.

And I am going to guide your through it step by step.

Restrict Payment Methods based on Cart Total

In this tutorial I will show you how to disable WooCommerce payment gateways based on cart total without use of any plugin.

Creating MetaMask Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Recently I really enjoyed creating a tutorial about signing in to WordPress with MetaMask, so I decided to continue with this topic and today I will show you how you can create a payment gateway for WooCommerce that allows to pay with MetaMask extension.

I also would like to remind that I already have a complete payment gateway tutorial and additionally a tutorial about paying with crypto. So you can check them out as well.

And this how it is going to work on our WooCommerce store:

MetaMask Payment Gateway for WooCommerce
This is what happens when you click Connect wallet (Place order) button on your WooCommerce checkout page.

Developing Decentralized Crypto Payment Gateway

Welcome to a detailed guide about setting up payments on the websites using cryptocurrency. First of all I will explain some basics to you and then we will create our own payment gateway for WooCommerce (it is a eCommerce platform for WordPress).