How to Manage Posts from All Sites in Multisite Dashboard in one place

I begin with the screenshot.

Here is the new page in Network Dashboard where all posts are displayed and can be managed.
Manage all posts in WordPress Multisite Dashboard

Yes, it is not fully-functional Posts page, so you can see, that there is no Screen Options tab, no archives by dates filter, no quick or bulk edit options. Anyway, if you got the idea and you need to show posts from all blogs on this page, you can download my plugin here.

By the way, do you know how to add pages in Network Dashboard? I did it this way:

add_action('network_admin_menu', 'misha_add_option_page');
function misha_add_option_page() {
	add_menu_page( "Multisite Posts", ...

Read more about creating option pages in WordPress multisite dashboard here.

Edit, Move to Trash and Preview Multisite Posts

When you click Edit or Preview link you will be redirected to the appropriated pages of the website whene the selected post is located. When you click Trash, the post will be moved to trash and removed from Network Index via AJAX.

You can move posts from any blogs to trash via AJAX.

Order By Title and by Date

If you click on table headings, the posts will be sorted ascending or descending (second click).

Orderby WordPress Multisite Posts by Titles

Search for Network Posts

Search works pretty good with pagination. If you’re looking how to implement multisite search on the website, not admin area, I recommend to look at this tutorial.

You can perform a search for posts from Network Admin Dashboard.

So, you can read more about this plugin here or if you feel the lack of features, just add a comment below and I suppose I can help you with it.

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