Multiple Image Upload Metabox

I had so many requests about multiple image uploads in comments in this tutorial, so I decided to create a separate tutorial specifically about that.

Our goal is to create something like this:

Multiple image upload metabox
So we can not only select multiple images but even sort or delete them after selection.

Guys, there are actually two ways of creating a meta box like that, the first way is an easy-breezy way, but you have to install my Simple Fields plugin first, the second way – is to do everything manually from scratch. But please do not worry, no matter what method you choose, I am going to cover both of them in this tutorial.

Let’s begin with the simple one. So, in order to create a multiple image upload meta box, you just have to go through these two simple steps:

  1. Install and activate my Simple Fields plugin.
  2. Copy the following code snippet into your current theme functions.php file or to a custom plugin:
add_filter( 'simple_register_metaboxes', 'rudr_multiple_img_upload_metabox' );
function rudr_multiple_img_upload_metabox( $metaboxes ) {

	$metaboxes[] = array(
		'id'	=> 'my_metabox',
		'name'	=> 'Meta Box',
		'post_type' => array( 'page' ),
		'fields' => array(
				'id' => 'my_field',
				'label' => 'Images',
				'type' => 'gallery'

	return $metaboxes;


That’s really it, guys. One more thing – if you need to get images somewhere in your code, you can use get_post_meta() function. Example:

$image_ids = get_post_meta( $post_id, 'my_field', true );
// Array( 4, 178, 778 )

Now let’s continue to the tough way.

The HTML part

<ul class="misha-gallery">
		$image_ids = ( $image_ids = get_post_meta( $post_id, 'my_field', true ) ) ? $image_ids : array();
		foreach( $image_ids as $i => &$id ) {
			$url = wp_get_attachment_image_url( $id, array( 80, 80 ) );
			if( $url ) {
					<li data-id="<?php echo $id ?>">
						<span style="background-image:url('<?php echo $url ?>')"></span>
						<a href="#" class="misha-gallery-remove">&times;</a>
			} else {
				unset( $image_ids[ $i ] );
<input type="hidden" name="my_field" value="<?php echo join( ',', $image_ids ) ?>" />
<a href="#" class="button misha-upload-button">Add Images</a>

The JavaScript part

The JavaScript code consists of three parts:

  1. “Add Images” click event.
  2. Click on remove specific image button “&times;”.
  3. Reordering images with drag and drop.
// click event
$( '.misha-upload-button' ).click( function( event ){ // button click
	// prevent default link click event
	const button = $(this)
	// we are going to use <input type="hidden"> to store image IDs, comma separated
	const hiddenField = button.prev()
	const hiddenFieldValue = hiddenField.val().split( ',' )

	const customUploader ={
		title: 'Insert images',
		library: {
			type: 'image'
		button: {
			text: 'Use these images'
		multiple: true
	}).on( 'select', function() {

		// get selected images and rearrange the array
		let selectedImages = customUploader.state().get( 'selection' ).map( item => {
			return item;
		} ) image => {
			// add every selected image to the <ul> list
			$( '.misha-gallery' ).append( '<li data-id="' + + '"><span style="background-image:url(' + image.attributes.url + ')"></span><a href="#" class="misha-gallery-remove">×</a></li>' );
			// and to hidden field
			hiddenFieldValue.push( )
		} );

		// refresh sortable
		$( '.misha-gallery' ).sortable( 'refresh' );
		// add the IDs to the hidden field value
		hiddenField.val( hiddenFieldValue.join() );

// remove image event
$( '.misha-gallery-remove' ).click( function( event ){

	const button = $(this)
	const imageId = button.parent().data( 'id' )
	const container = button.parent().parent()
	const hiddenField = container.parent().next()
	const hiddenFieldValue = hiddenField.val().split(",")
	const i = hiddenFieldValue.indexOf( imageId )


	// remove certain array element
	if( i != -1 ) {
		hiddenFieldValue.splice(i, 1);

	// add the IDs to the hidden field value 
	hiddenField.val( hiddenFieldValue.join() );

	// refresh sortable
	container.sortable( 'refresh' );


// reordering the images with drag and drop
$( '.misha-gallery' ).sortable({
	items: 'li',
	cursor: '-webkit-grabbing', // mouse cursor
	scrollSensitivity: 40,
	You can set your custom CSS styles while this element is dragging
	stop: function( event, ui ){
		ui.item.removeAttr( 'style' );

		let sort = new Array() // array of image IDs
		const container = $(this) // .misha-gallery

		// each time after dragging we resort our array
		container.find( 'li' ).each( function( index ){
			sort.push( $(this).attr( 'data-id' ) );
		// add the array value to the hidden input field
		container.parent().next().val( sort.join() );
		// console.log(sort);

Also don’t forget to enqueue scripts: jquery-ui-core, jquery-ui-widget, jquery-ui-sortable and wp_enqueue_media().

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