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Custom Taxonomy Filter in WordPress Admin

If you have a lot of custom posts on your website, then sometimes it would be much easier to filter them by a specific taxonomy when you manage them in your WordPress admin.

Yes, search is also ok, but maybe a taxonomy filter will be just what you need? Here is how it is going to look like in WordPress admin:

custom taxonomy posts filter in WordPress admin
So here we have a CPT “Lessons” and a custom taxonomy “Courses” connected to it.

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Image Sizes

In this tutorial we are going to talk about image sizes in WordPress. Well, but what image sizes are exactly?

All right, if you open your WordPress /wp-content/uploads directory, you might find something like this there:

default image sizes in WordPress
All of these – are default WordPress image sizes.

As you can see, an image you’ve uploaded once was duplicated multiple times with different image sizes. And in this case I am just using default WordPress theme with no plugins installed.

Users who don’t know what is the thing – image sizes in WordPress could be terrified by what they see in uploads directory.

The key idea is that when you upload an original image (especially unoptimized, up to 10MB) it would stupid to use this exact file everywhere on the website. Maybe you have a list of recent posts displayed somewhere with 100×100px thumbnails and what about srcset and sizes attributes of course?

A great example is the list of products in WooCommerce in admin area:

Product list in WooCommerce admin
Image sizes here are barely 50×50px, what do you think will happen with page load time if we try to display originals instead?

Needless to say that using image resizing software is also not a great idea because it will create huge performance issues on your server.

That’s why WordPress creates so many image copies and in this tutorial we are going to learn to manage them.

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