Bulk Copy and Update Products between WooCommerce Stores

Just another tutorial by your requests guys.

In this one we are about to create a bulk action like on the screenshot below which allows to sync products between two (or multiple) WooCommerce stores.

WooCommerce Copy Products and Products data from one site to another
If a product has already been published on Store 2, then we just update its product data.

Before we dive into the coding part, I would like to remind you that there is an add-on which is a part of my Simple WP Crossposting plugin that does exactly the same.

1. Add a New Dropdown Option into Bulk Actions

Let’s begin with adding just a bulk action option into the dropdown, once again, you can find a little bit more information about it in my bulk actions tutorial.

add_filter( 'bulk_actions-edit-product', 'rudr_product_bulk_action' );

function rudr_product_bulk_action( $bulk_actions ) {
	$bulk_actions[ 'rudr_crosspost_product' ] = 'Publish/Update on Store 2';
	return $bulk_actions;

I am sure some of you are wondering – what if you have multiple WooCommerce stores? Not only “Store2”? The long story short, you can just duplicate line 5 miltiple times (for every store) or just use my add-on for that.

create a bulk action for WooCommerce products

That was a simple part and now we are ready for an interesting part 🙂

2. Copy Products or Update Product Data from One Site to Another

Before we begin a couple moments to keep in mind:

add_filter( 'handle_bulk_actions-edit-product', 'rudr_copy_products' );

function rudr_copy_products( $redirect, $doaction, $object_ids ) {
	// remove our query args if any
	$redirect = remove_query_arg( array( 'so_many_products', 'products_done', 'products_err' ), $redirect );
	// do nothing if it is not our bulk action
	if( 'rudr_crosspost_product' !== $doaction ) {
		return $redirect;
	// in case more than 100 products selected
	if( count( $object_ids ) >= 100 ) {
		return add_query_arg( 'so_many_products', $object_ids, $redirect );
	// now our goal to gather all products data into one array
	$products_data = array(
		'create' => array(),
		'update' => array(),
	foreach( $object_ids as $product_id ) {
		$product = wc_get_product( $product_id );
		// you can always double check
		if( ! $product ) {
		// get all product data in one go
		$product_data = $product->get_data();
		// we can process the data before sending in into the request
		// for example we can remove what we do not need
		unset( $product_data[ 'id' ] );
		unset( $product_data[ 'date_created' ] );
		unset( $product_data[ 'date_modified' ] );
		// we can modify some data as well
		if( $product_data[ 'image_id' ] ) {
			$image_url = wp_get_attachment_image_url( $product_data[ 'image_id' ] );
			unset( $product_data[ 'image_id' ] );
			$product_data[ 'images' ] = array(
					'src' => $image_url, 
		// (the same should be done for $product_data[ 'gallery_image_ids' ] )
		if( $id = some_function_to_check_if_already_published() ) {
			$product_data[ 'id' ] = $id;
			$products_data[ 'update' ][] = $product_data;
		} else {
			$products_data[ 'create' ][] = $product_data;
	// all is ready, let's create a request
	$request = wp_remote_post(
			'headers' => array(
				'Authorization' => 'Basic ' . base64_encode( "{$username}:{$application_password}" )
			'body' => $products_data
	if( 'OK' === wp_remote_retrieve_response_message( $request ) ) {
		return add_query_arg( 'products_done', $object_ids, $redirect );
	} else {
		return add_query_arg( 'products_err', $object_ids, $redirect );

I believe more clarifications are needed here:

3. Create Admin Notices

The last but not the least – it is quite obvious that we have to display a success message when products are successully published or updated on Store 2 or an error message if something is not right.

For example like this:

WooCommerce REST API batch requests are limited to 100 products per request

And the code:

add_action( 'admin_notices', function() {
	if( ! empty( $_REQUEST[ 'so_many_products' ] ) ) {

			'<div id="message" class="error notice is-dismissible"><p>You have selected %s products. Please select less than 100.</p></div>',
			absint( $_REQUEST[ 'so_many_products' ] )


	if( ! empty( $_REQUEST[ 'products_done' ] ) ) {

		printf( '<div id="message" class="updated notice is-dismissible"><p>' .
			_n( '%s product has been successfully published/updated.', '%s products have been successfully published/updated.', absint( $_REQUEST[ 'products_done' ] ) )
			. '</p></div>', absint( $_REQUEST[ 'products_done' ] ) );


	if( ! empty( $_REQUEST[ 'products_err' ] ) ) {
		echo '<div id="message" class="error notice is-dismissible"><p>Something went wrong.</p></div>';
} );
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