WooCommerce is my favourite eCommerce solution since WooThemes joined Automattic.

Reorder Checkout Fields in WooCommerce

I have a very good tutorial about WooCommerce checkout fields but I’m receiving a lot of questions in comments about how to change the checkout fields order. So, I decided to make a separate tutorial about that.

Are there any Reasons to Use wc_body_class() ?

Returns an array of body classes depending on a WooCommerce page showing.

Cross-sell products from the Thank You page with a Coupon applied

This is a bonus to my previous tutorial about WooCommerce Thank You page. Very interesting task, especially if you want to implement it without plugins.

Order Received (Thank you) page in WooCommerce

In this tutorial I gonna guide you through all the ways of customizing the WooCommerce Thank You page content.

Migrating from the deprecated hooks to woocommerce_get_script_data

This tutorial is about proper migration to the new woocommerce_get_script_data filter hook after update to WooCommerce 3.3.

Handle WooCommerce Product Settings

Let me show the beautiful way of adding options to WooCommerce products.

Create a Payment Gateway Plugin for WooCommerce

Custom payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce.

The correct way to Display recently purchased Products in Member’s area

In this tutorial we’re creating another tab in WooCommerce My Account menu with all the products purchased by a customer.

Order Items Tutorial

If you open any edit order page in WooCommerce, you will find attached products in it… but actually it is not products at all.

Columns in WooCommerce

This tutorial is all about columns on WooCommerce-related admin pages: Products, Orders, Users, Product categories and tags and even Memberships.

WooCommerce REST API – Create Products with Attributes

In my previous post we already worked with products, but here I want to show you one uncertain moment – creating and updating products with attributes.

WooCommerce REST API – Create, Update or Remove Products

This is the basic tutorial – you will learn how to use WooCommerce REST API. In the next more advanced tutorials we will talk about product attributes and variations.

Change Prices of Items added to Cart in WooCommerce

Sometimes we have to recalculate product prices and their totals when products are already added to the cart depending on some condition.

3 Steps to Integrate Your Own Theme with WooCommerce

I tried to make this tutorial as simple and clear as possible. Only necessary information about theming in WooCommerce.