WooCommerce is my favourite eCommerce solution since WooThemes joined Automattic.

Change Prices of Items added to Cart in WooCommerce

Sometimes we have to recalculate product prices and their totals when products are already added to the cart depending on some condition.

3 Steps to Integrate Your Own Theme with WooCommerce

I tried to make this tutorial as simple and clear as possible. Only necessary information about theming in WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Beginners Guide

You may notice that most of my advanced tutorials are about WooCommerce now. Let me show you how I came to this.

Password Strength Meter Customization in WooCommerce

Usually website owners do not want their clients to be annoyed with the password strength notifications. I was asked a couple of times to customize WooCommerce strength meter and after that the idea to create this tutorial appeared.

WooCommerce My Account Menu

When I faced with My Account menu first time, my client asked me to add a custom link to it. I was surprised that this task was not so simple as it sounds.

Add Order Meta Fields to WooCommerce Emails

For now it is the last post in the series about WooCommerce order meta. We began with checkout page, then we added order meta in WordPress admin, and to “Thank you” and “View Order” pages. Now it is time for emails.

Additional Order Details on the “View Order” and “Thank You” Pages

In the first post of this series we added our own custom checkout fields, in the second post we customized Order Details metabox in admin area. Today we’ll add order custom fields to user pages: Order Received page and View Order page in My Account.

Add New Fields to the Order Details Metabox

In my previous tutorial I explained how to add custom checkout fields. Now let’s add these fields to the Order Details metabox in admin area.

WooCommerce Checkout Fields

It is the first tutorial in the series about Checkout Fields and Order Custom Fields. We begin with WooCommerce checkout form customization.

Bulk Change Custom Order Statuses

WooCommerce already allows to bulk change default order statuses. But what if you registered your own custom order status and now you would like to add it to bulk actions on the orders page.

Ways to Restrict Content in your code with WooCommerce Memberships

In this tutorial — custom text and HTML restriction by a user membership plan. Conditional checks for custom post types and taxonomies. Code only.

How to Get Payment Gateways Programmatically

How to get all the installed payment gateway data programmatically in WooCommerce and also how to get the selected payment gateway.

WooCommerce Order Statuses: Remove Core Order Statuses and Add a Custom One

In this post we will work mostly with «wc_order_statuses» filter hook that allows to add, remove or change order of WooCommerce statuses.

WooCommerce Memberships: How to allow viewing all front end restricted content to any user or by a user role.

In this tutorial I will show you how WC Memberships restrictions work. We will create a functions.php filter that allows to view all restricted content to any user.