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How to Properly Include CSS and JS in your WordPress Themes and Plugins

RFC 5322 Support for is_email() function. Quick fix.

I was quite suprised when I tested his email something+something@anything.com and found out that the default WordPress function is_email() returns false for this type of emails. In other words, is_email() function isn’t able to validate email addresses with a “+” in it but those are valid email addresses as well as per RFC standard 5322. By the way, if you look at the official documentation of is_email() function, there also said that it is not RFC compliant.

Disable Featured Images in Twenty Nineteen Theme without CSS

Multiple Image Upload Metabox

I had so many requests about multiple image uploads in comments in this tutorial, so I decided to create a separate tutorial specifically about that.

Our goal is to create something like this:

Multiple image upload metabox
So we can not only select multiple images but even sort or delete them after selection.

Guys, there are actually two ways of creating a meta box like that, the first way is an easy-breezy way, but you have to install my Simple Fields plugin first, the second way – is to do everything manually from scratch. But please do not worry, no matter what method you choose, I am going to cover both of them in this tutorial.

Sync WordPress User Profile Updates to Mailchimp

In this tutorial we are going to update user’s first and last names in WordPress profile and sync the changes with Mailchimp audience fields. You can also check the basic guide how to work with Mailchimp API in WordPress.

Delete WordPress Users Once They Unsubscribe in Mailchimp

I already have a tutorial on how to subscribe a user to an audience after registration on WordPress website. It is know to find out how to do the opposite (from Mailchimp to WordPress).

Personal Data Exporters and Erasers